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Ride On-Demand Program

The Ride On-Demand Program is an on demand transportation service available to a select group of RTC Paratransit customers. This program allows customers to schedule a ride within minutes, without having to wait for a pick-up time. The Ride On-Demand Program will operate in conjunction with all existing RTC services and participation in the Program will not affect RTC Paratransit eligibility


Given the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the RTC and Lyft are committed to the safety of both passengers and drivers. During your enrollment process for the Ride On-Demand Program, you agreed to adhere to both RTC and Lyft policies. Lyft has notified the RTC that, effective immediately, they will be requiring passengers to abide by specific COVID-19 pandemic policies. CLICK OR TAP HERE TO READ ABOUT LYFT’S NEW SAFETY PROCEDURES.

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Program Benefits

  • The Ride On-Demand Program allows clients to schedule a ride within minutes.
  • Clients may book trips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by using the Lyft or RTC On-Demand Apps, by booking on the RTC On-Demand website via a computer or tablet, or by calling the Ride On-Demand Customer Service line at (702) 676-1801.
  • The wait time may be as little as five minutes.