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RTC On-Demand Pilot Program

The RTC Ride On-Demand Pilot Program is an on demand transportation service available to a select group of RTC Paratransit customers. This pilot program allows customers to schedule a ride within minutes, without having to wait for a pick-up time or share the vehicle with multiple passengers. The Ride On-Demand Pilot Program will operate in conjunction with all existing RTC services and participation in the Pilot Program will not affect RTC Paratransit eligibility


Given the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the RTC and Lyft are committed to the safety of both passengers and drivers. During your enrollment process for the Ride On-Demand Program, you agreed to adhere to both RTC and Lyft policies. Lyft has notified the RTC that, effective immediately, they will be requiring passengers to abide by specific COVID-19 pandemic policies. CLICK OR TAP HERE TO READ ABOUT LYFT’S NEW SAFETY PROCEDURES.

Program Benefits

  • The RTC Ride On-Demand Pilot Program allows clients to schedule a ride within minutes via:
    • Anytime – by the Lyft or Tango Car App on a smartphone (free via the Google Play or Apple app store); or
    • 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., or until 11 p.m. by giving 24 hours notice – by calling RTC Customer Care at (702) 478-2400, option #4, seven days a week.
  • The wait time may be as little as five minutes.
  • Clients will not need to share the vehicle with other clients, resulting in a direct trip to their destination.
  • Ride fares are often the same as RTC Paratransit.
  • On-Demand service results in greater convenience and flexibility when scheduling medical appointments, work schedules, shopping, etc.

Service Comparison

Service Type: RTC paratransit Ride On-Demand
Fare $3 per ride As low as $3 per ride
Booking time frame Minimum one day in advance – no same day service On-Demand – Instant request to dispatch ride
Day-of wait time 30 minute window As little as five minutes in core service area
Trip Reservations By phone only Via any mobile device, or a call-in option

Program Details

  • Monthly Ride Cap: All Ride On-Demand clients will be assigned a monthly ride cap. This ride cap will be determined based on your previous 6-month RTC paratransit ridership, and should not cause you to alter your typical travel patterns. RTC paratransit is still available to those clients who have exhausted their monthly ride allowance.
  • Ride Cost: Clients pay the initial $3 of the ride fare. The RTC will then pay the next portion of the fare to cover approximately a 10-mile trip. If the total ride fare exceeds the RTC’s subsidy, or goes beyond a 10-mile radius, it is responsibility of the client to cover any additional costs. The client’s portion of the fare will always be provided to the client prior to confirming the trip booking. Please note that cancellation fees may be assessed for client no-shows and ride cancellations without proper notice.
  • Service Area: The RTC Ride On-Demand Pilot Program will operate in the same service area as RTC paratransit. You can see if a specific address is within the service area by going to the following website: http://www.rtcsnv.com/transit/paratransit/paratransit-service-area/.